Planner Fever

Thu, Aug. 10
10:50am MT

Planners, Headed Your Way

All the planners have been shipped out. We’re so excited for you to get it in your hands and start planning your year.

Check your inbox for a confirmation email including your tracking number.

Thu, Aug. 10
2:27am MT

That’s a Wrap

As promised, all the planners have been wrapped, labeled and are ready for their morning trip to the post office. Once they are in the mail, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your tracking number. Thanks for sticking with us.

Thu, Aug. 10
12:58am MT

Hello Night Owls and Early Birds

The Planner Packing Party continues into the early morning. No Time ToDo sleep right now.

Wed, Aug. 9
3:45pm MT

They’re Here!

Planners have arrived. And you gotta love that new planner smell. Next stop: Your mailbox.

Wed, Aug. 9
8:15am MT

Welcome to Colorful Colorado

The planners are scheduled for a mid-morning arrival at the warehouse just north of Denver and then will make the short haul to Planner HQ. Nifty Navy and Terrific Turquoise are slated to make their afternoon entrance to the Planner Packing Party.

Tue, Aug. 8
11:58am MT

Keep on Truckin’

Lucky 18-wheeler #284222 is en-route to Denver as you read this, probably somewhere on Interstate 15 between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. Go Truck, Go Truck, Go Truck Go!

Mon, Aug. 7
5:10pm MT

Planner Pick-Me-Up

The truck is packed and hitting the road. Planners will be rolling into Denver Wednesday afternoon. Just what the school year ordered!

Sat, Aug. 5
8:20am MT

It’s confirmed!

Planners will be loaded on the truck on Monday, and headed to Denver. The trucking time is two days, so we expect to have them Wednesday. Woo Hoo!

Thu, Aug. 3
2:45pm MT

Almost, almost.

While I can’t count the number of phone calls I’ve made this week, I can share that the planners are off the press, have been boxed and loaded and are awaiting for the truck pickup to head to my home state of Colorado.

Check back for updates. We’ll continue to post until the planners have arrived.

As soon as we get them in our hands, we’ll be shipping them out to you the very same day. Once your planner is packed and shipped, you’ll receive a confirmation email that it’s on the way along with a tracking number.

Check out this year’s planner in both Navy and Turquoise