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Time & ToDo Planner 2021-22 Academic Calendar: Letter Wirebound


Created by a teacher, this planner was designed especially for creative professionals, educators, busy moms, students, and 8-5 working folks – allowing you to map out your entire week and all your to-dos on just one spread.

With just the right balance of flexibility and structure, use this planner to help you:

  • Get everything out of your head, and onto a list
  • Implement “time blocking” as a strategy to manage your schedule and to-dos
  • Manage and categorize your long term and short term to-dos

It’s a bookmark, it’s a ruler, it’s a dashboard…all in one!

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With just the right balance of flexibility and structure, use this planner to help you:

  • Get everything out of your head, and onto a list
  • Implement “time blocking” as a strategy to manage your schedule and to-dos
  • Manage and categorize your long term and short term to-dos

What’s New?!

  • 12 Two-page Monthly ToDo and Notes Pages – placed right after the month spread, for categorized long-term todo lists to help you manage anything that does not need to be done this week
  • Adjusted Times – Weekly appointment schedule now runs from 7AM – 7PM
  • Year-at-a-Glance – All 365 days on one spread, days and dates included, for a quick overview of your entire year
  • Bonus 2022-2023 Year Spread in back of the planner, perfect for future year planning
  • Lightly lined month boxes to help you keep your monthly appointments neatly recorded
  • Motivational Quotes featured in each month view
  • 22 Notes Pages included (11 sheets)
  • Choose from 3 Colorful Cover Designs 

Planner Features

  • True Rose Gold Wire Binding
  • Two-Page Year View (Aug 2021-July 2022) to help you brainstorm, visualize, and clarify where you’re headed for the year
  • Color-matching mylar-coated Month Tabs
  • Coordinating Colors – Month to Week
  • Unique Weekly View with appointment calendar built in 15-minute increments, from 7AM – 7PM (extra room at the top and bottom for additional hours)
  • Dated Weekly Planning Pages
  • US Holidays marked on Weekly and Monthly Pages
  • Printed in rich color on 32lb, eco-friendly, smooth white paper
  • 12 Two-page Monthly ToDo and Notes Pages
  • 22 Notes Pages included

Week Time & ToDo View

Month View

Notes Plus ToDos

Complete Specs

  • Paper size: 8.5 x 11″
  • Full Planner size: 9.75 x 11.25″
  • Page Count: 184 pages (92 sheets)
  • Paper Weight: High-quality 32lb/120gsm
  • Planner Weight: 2 lbs

testimonial-kaylaI love the design of the pages. I like how the to-do lists are separate from the calendar to help me prioritize my week. It helps me feel capable of managing my time in a more efficient way.


Packaging and Shipping

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testimonial-ashleyThere are many different options for planners but the Time and To Do Planner has become my go-to tool for planning my days, weeks and months. I manage a team of 13 and utilize it daily to plan out my day and keep myself on task. The layout is great as well and I love the bright colors all throughout the planner.


User Reviews

I just wanted to share how grateful I am that you built your Time and ToDo Planner. I’m an English teacher, dept head, and instructional coach and your dayplanner keeps me afloat! I love that I’m able to tailor my to do list to all the different hats I wear and still leaves me space for my life outside of school. It’s my lifesaver and I’m couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I never write to thank companies for products but this feels different. This is a woman who saw a need and filled it! So such gratitude,

I absolutely LOVE the weekly spread with time and to do’s like mine this year!  I really hope it stays in this exact layout because it is the first planner that has ever worked for me!!! I LOVE it and will continue to order this one each year.
M. Zimmerman

Best planner out there.  I switched back to another planner for a year and I’ve really missed this planner.  I want back in !:)
A. W.

I really appreciate the time you put into the design and ease of use of this planner.  It is the first planner I actively use all the features of!
Michelle M.

I love the 15-min time increments and that you can see the whole week on one page. It’s something that I can’t find anywhere else.
J. K.

I am in LOVE with this planner! I tell all my teachers they need to buy the Time & ToDo Planner. It’s truly the best one I’ve ever found – and I’ve tried them all!! Thanks so much for the perfect planner.
Laura M.

I’ve used MANY planners before, but as a graduate student who is also married and mother to an 8yo and 17yo, none could quite do what I needed. This planner did just that and some!
Nicole P.

I have been on a quest for the “perfect” planner for years. The Time & ToDo Planner is the best suited to my needs & wants. It truly helps me manage my time better, using color blocking. It’s my “second” brain, where thoughts & plans for the future are kept.
Lee Ann G.

I love, love, love this planner!  I’ve been purchasing your products from the planner to your coaching planner for two years now.  I love that you made the cover sturdier!  I know you love input so I just wanted to share that I would love if you included notes pages after each month and not just at the end. Just a thought!  I can honestly say that this planner is the first one of stuck with!
Jennifer E.

This planner is exactly what I need for the week. I am able to see what I need to get done and also plan my week by hour! Wonderful planner! Will continue to purchase forever!
K. Johnson

As someone who has bought WAY too many planners trying desperately to find something that actually WORKS to schedule my week I just want to say thank you!!! I absolutely love this planner, the layout, the space, the hardcover….everything.

The problem with all of (the previous planners) is that they are cute, but they are not functional for my life. I NEED a weekly page that allows me to layout my schedule AND layout my to-dos. As a business owner, Mom, wife and writer my days are full and the reality is I’m not going to take the time to do a daily planner because I just don’t have it. I love the weekly but had not found one with balance. So thank you for offering something different from everyone else and some that actually works, is big enough to use and well constructed to last! Seriously….thank you!
Carrie W.

Thank you. I love this planner.
Kathleen C.

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