Meet Kristin

Ms Houser Hi there! My name’s Kristin and I’m the “teacherpreneur” behind the Time & ToDo Planner. I’ve been an elementary school teacher and instructional coach for the last 15 years. With lots of meetings and tons of to-dos each week, I got to thinking…wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to see your entire week’s schedule and everything you wanted to accomplish in one easy view? I thought so too! And with that, I got to work on creating what is now the Time & ToDo Planner.

The Time & ToDo Planner Story

One Sunday night back in 2010, I picked up my notebook and started to draw. The new school year had just started, and I found myself suffering from that feeling of “too much to do and not enough time.” So I started sketching out a planning template that would allow me to organize everything that was in my head into my notebook. With everything on two facing pages, I could see my weekly schedule, priorities, and to-dos at the same time. I wanted everything together, not spread out between screens, sticky notes, or different pieces of paper.


It was around this time that my journey into design and creation began. I wanted to learn the design skills I needed to bring my planner sketches to life.  So I signed up for a few classes on how to use Adobe Illustrator, then Photoshop, then InDesign and worked away on creating different planning tools after school and on weekends.


It was here that the Time & ToDo Planner really started to come to life.

In May 2015, I launched a Kickstarter campaign to spread the word about the planner and raise the funds needed to begin production. The funding goal was successfully reached (and nearly doubled!), which allowed us to begin production in June 2015. Watch the original Kickstarter video: